Over the past 20 years as a Clinical Psychologist,

the most common question I hear is:

Why do I keep doing that same thing over and over, even though I know it’s not good for me?”

You've tried working harder, thinking positively, creating new habits, doing affirmations, and so on, but the problem keeps coming back.

The problem, according to the Bio-Emotive Framework, is

your thoughts are not really in control of your moods, emotions, or behavior!

To understand what's going on, it's useful to think of your brain as actually having three little brains (or specialized modules) that are all trying to work together (McLean called this "The Triune Brain").

  • The Physical Brain processes the five senses and takes care of your basic survival.
  • The Emotional Brain constantly assesses your relational status to others and the world.
  • The Intellectual brain uses logic and reason to imagine different futures.

Often one of your three brains are in conflict with another.   And that makes sense as each brain has a different purpose and way of processing information.  Like when your "heart" (emotional brain) says one thing and our "head" (intellectual brain) says another.

We all like to think it's our Intellectual Brain that has the power to change our habits and behaviors, but it's not.

Your most powerful brain is the Emotional Brain.

Your emotional brain is the driving force behind your thoughts and actions. It is the bridge between your habits and your goals... your best intentions and your difficult realities.

Only when you educate and re-train yourself to go through the body's Natural Sequence for Emotional Resolution, will you be able to cut through the patterns that keep you from being your most peaceful, authentic and successful version of yourself.

And that means you can...

stop making that same mistakes, over and over and

finally achieve all of your goals in life

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The work I have been doing with your < framework > has been priceless. Opening to my emotions and core feelings that I’ve circled and neglected for (60+) years has caused me to navigate uncharted territories. I can now put names to my fears where I had confusion and was unconsciously stuck before. More and more on a daily basis I recognize the difference between survival emotions and interpersonal emotions and my deeper core feelings. If and when I do dip into depression, I’m allowing that to lead me through whatever is trying to surface so I can process consciously, transcending into dissipation and thus updating unresolved states.

I have recently have had the good fortune of personally meeting Douglas and discovering his work. He has created a whole process leading to not only a more enlightened view, but an emotional transformation. If you would like more emotional freedom and happiness in you life to share with the world you interact with, I honestly highly recommend you investigate his work.

I got your videos on dvd. I watched them and I have to watch them over and over again. What it has taught me so far has practically changed my life in 3 days.

An amazing DVD set by someone I worked closely with for 2 years. The Framework made huge changes in my overall well being, my ability to stay calm in stressful situations, to improve my relationships by communicating better, my ability to learn and retain information, and gave me a construct to continually improve, and improved my ability to continually reach the ‘zone’ in athletic competition. If any of these things feels like a weakness, something you want to improve on, are interested in, or resonates with you then I strongly suggest you check this out.