You were never meant to suffer as way of life. Your birthright is a clear, open, peaceful, and loving Heart and Mind. The secret is to process your emotions!

This approach is different than anything you have tried before

Learning to process your emotions is something anyone can do, young and old, male and female, single or in relationship.

(Men especially, you need to learn it's OK, no more than ok, it's necessary to cry to stay healthy!)

You no longer have to feel trapped in the unfair lot that life has dealt you.

You are important and need to show up fully for your life.  As you may have experienced, even the smallest gesture - a smile or embrace - at the right time, can make all the difference to you, your friends, and your loved ones.

Stop feeling lost and overwhelmed by life; this framework will show you how to translate your stress into the core feelings and emotional dynamics that you need to resolve and let go of!

As you learn to express your feelings in this natural and clear way you will start to feel closer, happier, and more connected to your friends and family!

The Bio-Emotive Framework complements any other healing method you are already using, making them more powerful and effective for you.

Imagine waking up in the morning with more energy and enthusiasm, wanting to embrace the day fully!

Here are some of the important lessons and life lessons you will learn on the DVDs:

  • The difference between emotions and feelings.

  • The important difference between inter-personal feelings and core feelings.

  • How to identify your primary feeling-beliefs and learn how they shape the world you live in and who you think you are.

  • The NEDER process - the six step sequence designed to wake up your emotional system's natural expression and healing ability.

  • The difference between crying that heals and crying that doesn't.

  • The five different levels of crying and how this affects how long it take for you to heal.

  • When you should share inter-personal feeling and when you should share core feelings.

  • The importance of knowing which of the nine core feelings you have built into your sense of self and the world you live in!

  • How your Accidental Conditioned History (ACH) keeps you in the same kind of dysfunctional relationship patterns over and over.

  • A completely new way of understanding and working with common mental health challenges including depression, anxiety, panic attacks, chronic anger, addictions, etc


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The work I have been doing with your < framework > has been priceless. Opening to my emotions and core feelings that I’ve circled and neglected for (60+) years has caused me to navigate uncharted territories. I can now put names to my fears where I had confusion and was unconsciously stuck before. More and more on a daily basis I recognize the difference between survival emotions and interpersonal emotions and my deeper core feelings. If and when I do dip into depression, I’m allowing that to lead me through whatever is trying to surface so I can process consciously, transcending into dissipation and thus updating unresolved states.

I have recently have had the good fortune of personally meeting Douglas and discovering his work. He has created a whole process leading to not only a more enlightened view, but an emotional transformation. If you would like more emotional freedom and happiness in you life to share with the world you interact with, I honestly highly recommend you investigate his work.

I got your videos on dvd. I watched them and I have to watch them over and over again. What it has taught me so far has practically changed my life in 3 days.

An amazing DVD set by someone I worked closely with for 2 years. The Framework made huge changes in my overall well being, my ability to stay calm in stressful situations, to improve my relationships by communicating better, my ability to learn and retain information, and gave me a construct to continually improve, and improved my ability to continually reach the ‘zone’ in athletic competition. If any of these things feels like a weakness, something you want to improve on, are interested in, or resonates with you then I strongly suggest you check this out.