The Three Month Intensive


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There is no question that you can get some major breakthroughs doing this work for the six week breakthrough. But if you’re seeking to change those built-in habits, and go even more deeply into uprooting the past and redefining your capacities so you can hurry up and level up, we both know you have to invest in your process on a whole other level.

If you’re the type of person who needs to “go for it” once you get that initial taste, “The Intensive” might be for you.


  • The container to dive into and uproot your biggest limited feeling beliefs and cut to their source once and for all.
  • The safety, support, and wisdom of working with Dr. Tataryn directly, on each of your deepest challenges.
  • Fourteen (14) Session intensives spread (50 minutes each) over 3 months. (Most people report needing the odd week off to integrate).
  • Email or text summaries (your choice) of critical feelings and their corresponding limiting beliefs after each session.
  • Up to fourteen (14) emails with priority access to Dr. Tataryn for questions, clarification, and guidance.
  • Up to eight (8) emergency-type or “I just need a minute of your time” phone calls or Skype session (10 minutes each).
  • Bonus: Unlimited online access to the Bio-Emotive Framework educational DVD’s (valued at US$200.00).